BillPay Setup

To set up a BillPay transaction, please click on the BillPay Tab in Online Banking. 
  1. Click Add a Company or Person to Pay. 
  2. Please type in the name of the company or person you would like to pay. 
  3. Click Search.  If the company is stored in our system, an icon with your biller’s name will be listed below the search window. 
  4. Please click on the name/icon provided, enter and confirm your account number, and click Add Bill.  If your biller is not stored in our system continue to step 5.
  5. Please click Enter the Info for (biller’s name).  Here you will need to input the biller’s information including account number, address, and phone number.  Once finished, click Add Bill. 
This biller should now be available on the Payment Center page where you can schedule a payment. 

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